At Sinus Institute of Southwest Florida we treat all aspects of your sinus or nasal problem. Our array of services provide numerous treatment options for any sinus or breathing problem. You deserve to breath better.


Balloon sinuplasty has taken the ENT world seemingly by storm, and for good reason: it’s a sinus procedure with no general anesthesia that puts you back to work the next day. Unlike traditional sinus surgery that involves cutting and removing tissue, balloon sinuplasty uses a series of guidewires and balloons to non-traumatically dilate the natural drainage pathways of your sinuses. While it’s not for every sinus problem, it can give certain patients long lasting relief.

You simply show up to our clinic in comfortable clothes, put on some relaxing music, take a gentle oral pain medication during the procedure, then experience the relief! NO pain medications are prescribed after the procedure and you will be able to go back to work the next day.


Some patients suffer from disease so severe that balloon sinuplasty is not sufficient. In these cases, minimally invasive sinus surgery is often beneficial. The goal of surgery is to enlarge the natural drainage pathways of the sinuses and remove structures that obstruct drainage and breathing. This includes nasal polyps, trapped secretions, hidden infection, among others. Using cameras less than 1/8 of an inch wide known as an endoscope, surgery is performed though the nostrils with no need for facial incisions. These cameras provide magnification allowing for delicate nasal surgery. The surgeons at Southwest Florida Sinus Institute do not pack the nose after surgery.

This is often the biggest fear or complaint of anyone who has had sinus surgery, but it will be no concern to you at the Sinus Institute of Southwest Florida. Our surgeons also do not leave you with any black eyes, facial swelling or facial incisions. With decades of experience, this technique has proven extremely effective in enhancing patient quality of life while decreasing symptoms. Our surgical team employs the most advanced techniques and technology aimed at improving your health.



With the goal of improving breathing, this procedure is a proven method to fix structural abnormalities. A rhinoplasty reconstructs the natural supporting structures of the nose to improve airflow. To achieve this goal patients we remove the crooked portions of cartilage from your nose, and use this cartilage to reinforce the narrow portions of your nasal cavity. This surgery does involve a small incision at the base of the nose, but has no other external incisions. This same approach can also be used to make cosmetic adjustments to the nose.


If the concept of a rhinoplasty does not appeal to you, other, minimally invasive techniques aim to provide a similar benefit. A new bioabsorable devise known as Latera supports the nostrils to enhance airflow. This devise acts as a stent to keep the nose open. It has proven highly effective in patients with structural nasal problems with long lasting improvement. The surgeons at Sinus Institute of Southwest Florida have used this device with great success. General anesthesia/ (being put to sleep) is not required, and in many cases this can be done with just some local numbing medicine. This makes Latera a great technique for those who qualify for a simpler solution. There is no minimal recovery from the procedure as patients go home the same day and feel the results instantly.


The partition separating the nostrils within the nasal cavity is known as the nasal septum. In many cases, rather than sitting in the middle, it is deviated to one side preventing air passage. In these cases, moving the septum to its position in the middle will improve air flow. Deviated, or an incorrectly positioned septum, can be a natural occurrence or caused by injury. The surgeons at Sinus Institute of Southwest Florida find that many patients unable to tolerate CPAP for sleep apnea often benefit from this procedure.


The inferior turbinate is a bony shelf covered with nasal lining that sits at the entrance to the nose and acts as one of the largest resistors to airflow. It is responsible for sensing airflow making it a critical structure. Improving airflow is often accomplished by reducing the size of the turbinates and moving them away from the septum to enhance breathing. This procedure is highly effective and is often used in combination with a septoplasty, rhinoplasty and or sinus surgery.


Sinus CT scans are completed at our office at the time of appointment. These images are beneficial in assessing the health of the sinuses and important in determining if you will benefit from surgery. Our CT scanner provides a comprehensive picture while exposing you to 82% less radiation than the conventional scanners. Moreover, these images can be used during procedures to better define and preserve important structures. No need for multiple visits, see your surgeon and review your scan on the same day


Difficulty breathing through the nose, nasal itching, sneezing, post nasal drip, and clear, constant nose drainage are a few of the many symptoms those suffering from allergies experience. While there are countless drugs on the market, treating allergies requires a combination of the right medications based on our symptoms. At Southwest Florida Sinus Institute we ensure medical options are optimized to minimize your symptoms. Unfortunately, many patients have allergies so severe that medical management doesn’t provide the relief they seek. In these cases immunotherapy is offered. This treatment aims to change the way your body interacts with allergies. Treatment is delivered by giving shots or creating drops that are placed under the tongue. These services are provided at the Sinus Center of Southwest Florida.


Our first step when evaluating those with sinus and nasal problems is ensuring the use of proper medications. For many, the combination of the correct meds alleviates symptoms and gets you healthy again. Nasal steroid sprays, nasal saline irrigations, and other interventions are proven options for improving symptoms. Antibiotics, oral steroids, and other medications, when indicated, also reduce the duration and severity of symptoms. The Ear Nose and Throat Surgical Specialists at The Sinus Institute of Southwest Florida will ensure you are on an optimal combination of medications. We share a similar philosophy – avoid unnecessary procedures; therefore we feel conservative non-surgical options should be optimized prior to moving toward a surgery or office-based procedure.


The greatest resistance to airflow is encountered at the front of the nose. Structural abnormalities will create additional resistance often causing bothersome blockage of air flow. In these cases surgery to correct abnormal structures often proves beneficial. Three main structures are manipulated to improve airflow: the inferior nasal turbinates, nasal septum and lateral nasal cartilages. The surgeons at Southwest Florida Sinus Institute possess many techniques tailored to addressing your issue.


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