Rhinitis, or a Runny Nose

Rhinitis, or a Runny Nose usually affects everyone at some point in their life. It is typically treated initially with over the counter symptomatic relief but if the condition persists longer than a few weeks, often prescription medications including nasal sprays are tried. Rhinitis is typically classified as “allergic”, which is caused by pollen, dust, animal, or food allergies or “non-allergic” which is nasal drainage not related to allergies and can be related to age related changes in your nose or over-activity of a nerve that stimulates nasal secretions which is caused vasomotor rhinitis.

ENT doctors are trained in figuring out which type of rhinitis may be affecting you and providing tailored treatment for this. If your symptoms fail to improve with medical treatment, there are even procedural options that can be done in an office-based setting under local anesthesia that take just a few minutes that can help improve your symptoms.

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