Credit the nationwide doctor shortage, more literature surrounding mental and physical health, high medical-care costs, an aging population of baby boomers or any combination thereof, but people are taking serious strides to try improving their well-being themselves.

Enter biohacking, a trendy term for making changes to one’s biology through diet, lifestyle and other avenues in an attempt to combat issues relating to chronological age.

Dr. Justin Casey of Sinus Institute of Southwest Florida calls it “a broad spectrum of alternative interventions that range from things to better a person’s health, longevity and lifespan, all the way to things like interventional beauty.”

Some holistic practices, such as mindfulness, meditation, daily movement and plant-forward eating, have been around for ages and are backed by area wellness programs, such as Blue Zones Project–SWFL.

“We’re helping people be conscious of their aging so you can stay as mobile as possible and healthy as possible,” says Megan Greer, executive director of Blue Zones Project–SWFL.

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