Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss can impair the way you interact with the world around you. There are many potential causes of hearing loss that are mostly classified as sensorineural (a problem with the nerve or organ of hearing), or conductive (a problem with the “amplifier” – the ear drum, ear bones, or the middle ear space), or mixed where both are affected. Hearing loss can affect both children and adults. In young children this can often manifest as delayed speech development or behavioral disorders so if your child experiences this it is important to have a hearing test.

If you experience hearing loss, particularly if you experience sudden hearing loss, you should seek prompt evaluation of an ENT specialist to diagnose the cause of your hearing loss and provide treatment. Even if you think you have age-related hearing loss, it is important to be cleared by an ENT before being fitted for hearing aids to evaluate for other medically treatable causes of your hearing loss.

If you are thinking about pursuing hearing aids, it is important to consult with an Audiologist as well as your ENT doctor for the appropriate device. We employ staff Audiologists who are all advance trained in providing a wide range of amplification options for the full spectrum of different types of hearing loss, including traditional and even surgical hearing aids including bone anchored hearing devices. If your hearing is severe enough, we can also evaluate if you would be an appropriate candidate for a cochlear implant.

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