Allergies are unfortunately quite common in South Florida. Unlike most areas of the country that have a fairly well defined allergy seasons of spring (trees), summer (grasses) , fall (weeds), and winter (indoor) , the climate of South Florida is more divided into wet and dry seasons with various environmental allergy triggers than can affect patients year-round as there is always something blooming. Because of this, allergies can manifest as a wide range of ENT symptoms at any time of the year and ENTs can help diagnose if allergies are affecting you. It is often quite common for people that have mild or no allergies to move to Florida and become more affected by allergies.

We offer various options for allergy testing tailored to your symptoms and medical needs. Our providers have also completed advanced training in allergy management and our practice does offer long term immunotherapy including sublingual allergy therapy, allergy shots, and allergy tablets.

For information on how Sinus Institute of Southwest Florida can assist you with your Allergy symptoms, give us a call at (239) 939-1002 or leave us an online message.